Saturday, February 17, 2018

Challenge 05

On 7-9 February 2018, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) organised the 5th EE Challenge.

What is the EE Challenge?

The EE Challenge events are in integral part of IT for Innovation Services' (ITIS) research activities in the domain of Enterprise Engineering (EE). These events are designed to enable small groups of students to work on a case study brought forward by a local company. During such an event, researchers in different aspects of Enterprise Engineering research provide mini-lectures on relevant research topics, to further inspire the students.

The 5th EE challenge was organised by Dr. Wided Guédria. It involved twenty-one professionals doing a part-time Master of Science in Informatics (with a specialisation in Enterprise Architecture) from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (NL). The students were accompanied by Prof.dr. Pascal Ravesteijn and Mieke Braadbaart, one of the managers of the Master.

This year, the EE Challenge involved the definition of a strategy around a Smart Mobility Service: how to grow a smart mobility ecosystem? This challenge was brought forward by LuxMobility and Sustain, together with ITIS researchers, and focussed on the further development of the existing Smove smart mobility service.

The three days at a glance

During three days, the participants worked in groups on the challenge which was presented on the first day by Patrick van Egmond from LuxMobility. This was followed by thee mini-lectures, highlighting different key topics, by LIST’s leading researchers in the field. Prof.dr. Erik Proper gave a lecture on “Service Dominant Logic”, highlighting the role of services and value co-creation in the modern day economy. Dr. Pierre-Jean Barlatier spoke about “Being open or not? Designing strategies for innovation”, while Dr. Ivan Razo-Zapata presented bleeding-edge research results for service design and value co-creation. On the last day, the students presented their outcomes to the jury comprising Mr. van Egmond from LuxMobility, as well as Dr. Barlatier, Dr. Guédria, Prof. Proper, Prof. Ravesteijn, and Dr. Razo-Zapata.

This year’s 3-day EE challenge was a success and ended up with team S3MB winning the challenge. For LuxMobility, the EE Challenge provided valuable inspiration on how to further innovate their Smove service. For the LIST researchers the event provided valuable feedback towards their ongoing research activities, as well as further strengthening the existing partnership with LuxMobility and Sustain. Additionally, some of the visiting students indicated an interest in doing a Master Thesis project under the co-supervision of LIST researchers, while involving a case study in the context of their employers, providing more opportunities for validation and application of research results.

For pictures of the 5th EE Challenge, look here.